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ProLaw Report Queue Creation and Scheduling via the ProLaw Agent in ProLaw XII

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Pre-Requisites & Assumptions

In order for the ability to schedule reports from ProLaw, there is some setup that needs to be put in place, or verified if it is already running:

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Email Best Practices

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

The most under-utilized feature of most software is their built-in Help function.  In the old days, you needed to be an engineer to even understand what the author was writing, but as technical writing has improved, the Help function is more user-friendly than ever.
If you want to know how a feature works or what a button does, when you hover over it in Outlook 2010 you will see a dialog that says “Press F1 for more Help.”  Pressing this will launch the generic Outlook Help where you can view getting started guide or simply search on the function you need more information on.
Typically searching the Outlook Help will be faster than asking someone else or searching on the internet for an answer.  It will also show you how to accomplish your task or find the buttons you are looking for with screenshots.

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FileSite: Emails that have no header information from import

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

If you are migrating to, or have imported emails into FileSite, you may not have the header information imported from the email.  This can include the To, From, Sent Time, and Received Time.  Luckily, Autonomy has a utility to open the emails and import the header information, but it requires a decent amount of setup and testing prior to running.  You will need full access to SQL and the WorkSite server for this task.  You will also have to download and install the Resource Kit from Autonomy (available from their support site with login).

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