Network Storage & Disaster Recovery

There is one aspect of practicing law that has not changed with the increased use of technology, the need for storage space. While fewer file boxes may be lurking under attorney’s desks, electronic storage needs have increased considerably. The right storage solution keeps data secure and serves it back to the users much more efficiently than a decade ago.

Today’s NAS (Network-attached Storage) or SAN (Storage Area Network) implementations are light-years faster but also offer simpler configuration and administration. With the development of reliable Cloud based services the implementation of the NAS/SAN in a Switch SUPERNAP datacenter also provides a large component of data disaster recovery. The storage is no longer under your roof – it is out of reach for most disaster scenarios that can impact your physical building and your staff.

Advanced Legal can assist your firm in evaluating storage needs and developing a NAS and/or SAN that delivers the full benefits of faster data access and easier administration while utilizing our access to the Disaster-Proof datacenter technology of Switch SUPERNAP.

Services Include:

  • NAS/SAN architecture & implementation
  • Switch SUPERNAP Disaster-Proof Datacenter colocation
  • Disaster Recovery planning

More information on Switch SUPERNAP Datacenters:

The Switch SUPERNAP datacenter is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada just miles from the Advanced Legal Network Operating Center (NOC). Las Vegas is located within the “United States Safety Zone” which is considered one of the safest regions on the planet. The area is rated based on the risk of natural disasters and disturbances such as tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, ice storms and tsunamis. This facility provides rigorous power redundancy and enhanced reliability to guarantee 100 percent uptime.

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