Data Extraction, Conversion & Repair

Data extraction and preparation is often one of the first and most vital steps in a complex software conversion. A well planned, complete and accurate extraction of data is critical to the success of your project. Quite simply, its significance cannot be overstated!

Advanced Legal specializes in data extraction for accounting and case management systems. Over the past 15 years Advanced Legal has extracted detailed financial information from just about every legacy accounting and case management system available to the legal industry.

Don’t get too far down the road on a conversion project without the expertise that Advanced Legal brings to data extraction and conversion. It is the key to arriving at your destination with your historical information intact and accessible.

“The Advanced Legal team was the ONLY reason our conversion from Microsoft Dynamics AX to ProLaw was successful. They worked tirelessly to assist us. If you have the opportunity to work with Advanced Legal, I would recommend them for support as well as conversion.”

Brenda Bicking, Executive Director
Duggins Wren Mann & Romero, LLP, Austin

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