Is your firm drowning in dozens of financial reports looking for the key to profitability? How well are attorneys performing when compared to projections? What members of the firm are generating the most new business and what areas does it fall into? What types of clients, practice areas, or fee arrangements are most profitable for your firm?

With BIPro’s Billing Profile the color-coded charts for Work In Progress (WIP) and Billing Vs. Projection give an instant read on revenue. The trend lines for each area give a constant visualization of results over time. Users can group WIP results by Client, Assigned Professional or Age allowing them to identify client contribution to revenue by attorney as well as recognize unbilled time.

Billing vs. Projection displays revenue results compared with projections for the firm as a whole, or with restricted permissions, it can display this information for just a specific billable professional. This is an invaluable tool for establishing guidelines for productivity at every level of the firm.

The BIPro Line of Business Profile and the Client Distribution not only show revenue generation by Area of Law but allows the user to drill down into each practice area to view a distribution of revenue by client. Again, the allocation of resources and identifying trends in growth by practice area is key to making sure firm goals are being met.

Key features for Law Firm Managers & Partners:

  • Accurate timely management information
  • Identify areas of revenue potential
  • Identify productivity issues
  • Gain insights into what drives profitability
  • Actively manage billing and collection speed
  • Monitors time entry for accountability
  • Establish guidelines for productivity
  • Use as a mentoring and recruitment tool
  • Beneficial when making compensation agreements



BIPro includes several standard reports that often do not exist in most firms’ reporting packages. Reports such as Effective Rates provide firms with confidence in which types of work and fee arrangements are most profitable, while Time Entry Analysis will help associates track their progress relative to projections.

The Management Report provides a realistic overview of hours billed, posted, and collected, with month-to-date and year-to-date analysis that keeps everyone focused on the firm’s performance and cash flow. BIPro is unique in its ability to drill down within the reports to quickly identify trends and potential problem areas.

Additional customized SSRS reports can be developed and added, making BIPro a central point of reporting for the firm, essentially a one stop shop for your reporting needs.

Report Admin & User Security:

BIPro offers robust administrative features that are easy to navigate. The User Security tab allows administration of viewing permissions on the individual level. Users are set to see Firm Wide data or limited to viewing only matters where they are the Originating, Responsible or Individual attorney working. Further security can be set to restrict or allow individual users to access specific reports on the Reports Tab.

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