What proportion of your revenue is coming from each client? How often do you monitor WIP or A/R for your specific clients and matters? Do you manage a practice area and need an easy way to monitor attorney and associate performance?

BIPro is a valuable tool for attorneys and associates because you do not need a background in accounting to gain access to information that clearly shows your contributions to the firm. For example, with the Billing vs Projections chart individual attorneys can monitor their performance and the WIP and A/R charts will help you actively manage billing speed and client balances.

BIPro will also bring attention to new client revenue and practice area performance. The Line of Business Profile offers an instant review of New Business as well as the Assigned Professional and Area of Law. Practice area managers can use this information to forecast growth but also to allocate resources and reward rainmakers.

Key features for Attorneys & Associates:

  • Strengthens value of mentoring
  • Personal Projections
  • Objective measurement of personal performance
  • Personal Effective Rate Analysis
  • Actively monitor time entry to avoid missing time
  • Visibility of economic contributions to the firm
  • Visibility of new business generation to the firm
  • Beneficial to tracking performance versus goals in compensation agreements



BIPro includes several standard reports that are very powerful for individual attorneys. Reports such as Effective Rates provide firms with confidence in which types of work and fee arrangements are most profitable, while Time Entry Analysis will help associates track their progress relative to projections.

The Management Report gives a realistic overview of hours billed, posted, and collected, with month-to-date and year-to-date analysis that keeps everyone focused on the firm’s performance and cash flow. BIPro is unique in its ability to drill down within the reports to help quickly identify trends and potential problem areas.

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