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Tools to Target Problems with Profitability - Legal Management Magazine Nov/Dec 2015

By Scott Randall, Advanced Legal & Maurice Williams, Thomson Reuters Elite

This article puts forth a few ideas of where to look for data that will reveal problems impacting profitability and what to look for in a Business Intelligence tool.
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Making ProLaw Hum in 2015 - Elite Forefront Newsletter Summer 2015

By Scott Randall, Advanced legal

Improve ProLaw performance and proficiency by addressing silent killers of productivity and profitability.
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Three Ways Business Intelligence Informs Budget Planning - Elite Forefront Newsletter Winter 2014

By Scott Randall, Advanced legal

When we approach the budget and forecasting process, it is with a mixture of real data, assumptions about past performance, and instincts about the future. In most law firms, additional financial data to drive important budget decisions is desperately needed. Business intelligence software can significantly enhance the relevancy of data that was previously locked away in the accounting system. Easy access to this data is critical to law firm managers developing both the budget and firm's strategic plan. Here are just three of the ways that business intelligence software informs the budget planning process.
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"Ask the Vendor" - ILTA Peer to Peer Magazine Fall 2014

"What's the one tip you'd offer on how to improve security in an organization?"
We stressed the use of strong passwords along with a few tips on how to generate robust passwords that are easy to remember.
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Practical Ways to Get Your Entire Firm Pulling for Profitability - Elite Forefront Newsletter Fall 2014

By Scott Randall, Advanced legal

You want your lawyers to focus first and foremost on providing excellent service to clients. This is the sure source of more business, and of course happy clients pay their bills. But we cannot leave it at that. Firms must use tools and business processes to drive not just revenue but profitability. The best results come from the entire firm pulling for profitability, not just the financial managers. 
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KPI’s and Improving Profitability with Business Intelligence

Presented by Scott Randall, Advanced legal
Competitive forces in the legal industry continue to drive the need for improved reporting metrics in law firms. How effective is your firm at managing to key profitability and productivity metrics? Which practice areas or fee arrangements are most profitable for your firm? Join Scott Randall for this in-depth session and a look at BIPro™ — Business Intelligence for Prolaw.
Presented at Thomson Reuters Elite Conference: VANTAGE 2014 on June 26th, 2014
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"Ask the Vendor" - ILTA Peer to Peer Magazine Summer 2014

"What technologies or business processes should professionals within legal be prepared to implement in the next few years?"
We suggested Virtual Desktop Infrastructure should be evaluated as a strategy, even if it it has been considered in the past - it might not be new but it is certainly coming of age. 
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