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BIPro: Get to the Heart of Profitability with Business Intelligence 

Law firm managers need instant access to critical data in order to actively manage firm performance and profitability. ProLaw firms have the advantage of access to BIPro™, business intelligence and financial analytics software for ProLaw. BIPro provides visibility into individual contributions to the firm and maintains awareness of performance. BIPro delivers a clear picture of information that can be acted upon to increase efficiencies and profitability. 

In this webinar we will take a look at BIPro and the new professional profitability report. Learn how your firm can use BIPro to engage every professional in their own financial performance and potentially mentor associates or junior attorneys to do the same. In just minutes we will take a look at several layers of financial information that attorneys need to consider on a daily basis, and explore their potential impact to the bottom line.

Why Do Attorneys Need Business Intelligence for ProLaw?

  • Monitor 7 Key Performance Indicators in a simple dashboard
  • Customize your view of WIP or A/R
  • Drill down functionality to client matter detail
  • Track your own performance vs monthly projections
  • Access profitability information by professional
  • Monitor new business and matters generating revenue

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