Understanding LEDES

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 | ProLaw Case Management, Uncategorized | Rebecca

LEDES refers to Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standards for pipe delimited text files or .txt with several variations in formatting and data requirements.  The most common of those being LEDES 1998, LEDES 1998B, and LEDES 2000.  This statement type is assigned to matters in ProLaw for electronic invoicing.  Statements generating in the billing process that are assigned this statement type, generate a file that is uploaded through a web interface or email to electronic invoicing companies or “processors”. 

In addition the various LEDES formats, processors often have additional configuration and data requirements that can only be accommodated with LEDES statement unique to that processor and may include further customization of the matter custom tab.  Each processor your firm will use should be contacted for its formatting and data requirements.  

Additional information can be obtained at http://www.ledes.org/ledes1998b.aspx?section=FormatSpecification

A single LEDES statement accompanied with by the addition of only a few custom fields is all that is neccessary to to create a general use LEDES ebilling statement.

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