Tips for using the Outlook View with ProLaw 12 SP1

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management, Technical | Mike Smith

If you are running the latest version of ProLaw 12 with SP1, your users have the ability to file emails and view case information directly in Outlook.  This post will not go into detail on how to install or configure, but point out some issues that could arise during the rollout of the Outlook View.


1 – Profiling Defaults

In the ProLaw System Preferences -> Pro Filing tab, all the defaults need to be filled out.  Even if you firm does not use ProLaw for Docketing, a default docket needs to be created and selected for filing emails.

2 – Security Settings

In order for users to profile email through the Outlook View, they need to have certain permissions enabled for their security class.  This will list the security settings needed for each section that need to be enabled:

Contacts: Change

Matters: Change

Events: Change Dockets, Add Dockets, Change Documents, Add Documents, Create recurring events


These settings are not documented in the setup for the Outlook View.  They were discovered while working with a support agent and through trial and error.  We had a situation where all users and pro file emails, but only some could through the Outlook View module.  Experimenting with the security classes changes and system settings we discovered these settings that needed to be in place.

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