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Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 | News & Events | Scott Randall

There’s a beach in Miami. I could see it from my room where I continued my workday after leaving the trade show floor during the recent Thomson Reuters Elite Vantage 2013 conference in Miami Beach just a couple weeks ago.

My work hours aside, this was a great conference. Everybody was incredibly focused this year. People are moving forward on initiatives. Conference attendees thronged to trade show booths even after trade show hours ended. I stayed late at our booth several times fielding questions.

This is a huge change over the past few years, and just when it seemed like people were only trying to preserve what they had.

Thomson Reuters hasn’t had the smoothest ride over the past few years either. Their Elite 3E, introduced three or four years ago, hasn’t taken the market by storm.  Successful conversions from Elite Enterprise to 3E have been rare.  Bad press has dogged 3E.

Nevertheless, they’ve been busy, and their efforts are now bearing fruit. Last year, when people stopped by our booth at the conference, about 90 per cent of them ran Enterprise, and only a few of them ran 3E. This year the proportion was almost 50-50. This tells me Thomson Reuters has turned the conversion corner.

After all, when you combine 3E with Mattersphere, a recent Thomson Reuters acquisition, your law firm has robust accounting and case management systems, just about all you need to run a firm.

Here’s the exciting part: at the conference, Thomson Reuters announced it will let law firms enhance the firm management toolbox using its upcoming Workspace concept.

Workspace will do two key things:

  • Tie 3E and Mattersphere into a single front end.
  • Tie other systems, like our BI Pro, into a firm’s Workspace.

Advanced Legal Systems will acquire the Workspace software development kit (SDK) as soon as it’s available. We’re going to help firms integrate BI Pro into their Workspaces.

I was blown away. Thomson Reuters is combining two premiere cornerstone law firm systems into one interface AND letting developers help law firms put other important products into their own Workspaces. You have to hand it to them: the vision they held to is amazing, and it’s really coming together for them now.

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