ProLaw Tip: Need to rebill a statement with a payment applied and a check that has been cashed?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 | ProLaw Case Management, Technical | Mike Smith

If you have a statement for a client that has been paid, and the check has been cashed, you are unable to unbill this in ProLaw.   If you need to either adjust the bill, or rebill the value, there is an easy way to modify the payment so you can unbill, and then rebill the values.

1 – Locate the payment in the Journals Module.

2 – On the distribution tab, mark the fees and costs values back to 0 from there original amounts.

3 – enter the full payment amount in the unapplied cash row.

4 – The statement will now have no payments, as the payment has been moved to unapplied cash.  You may unbill the statement.

5 – Now with the statement unbilled, you can adjust the bill as needed, and when regenerating it, you can use the unapplied cash that the client has already paid.


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