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Friday, November 16th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

When setting up a new or existing user in ProLaw there are individual settings that are user specific that will make ProLaw much easier to use.

Show notes in events tree
This setting will change the Events tab in a matter to show the first line of the event notes instead of the document type as the name.  This will make finding your documents much easier.

Auto search after pause in find
By default this setting is enabled, and can cause some frustration.  After you start typing in any field ProLaw will automatically start the search if you pause for 7 tenths of a second.  If you are trying to type a long word, this can start searching before you are finished.  This can even cause ProLaw to “freeze” if you start typing only 2 or 3 letters and ProLaw starts to search and return so many documents it will hang for a few seconds or minutes. To disable this setting, open the preferences for each module (Contacts, Matters, Events, etc) and disable the first item:

Default attachment name for emailed document
You can change the default naming conventions that ProLaw uses to attach documents to emails from the Document Number (default) to the first line of the events notes or the event type.  To change this setting, open the events preferences from the events module and go to the options tab:

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