Outlook Not Showing Attachments, but OWA Is Showing Attachments

Thursday, April 19th, 2012 | Microsoft Exchange, Technical | Grayson Ronk

Microsoft Exchange 2010 standard
Outlook 2007


User receives an email with attached files, but files aren’t showing in Outlook (2007). User notices that the attachments are visible on their iPhone and also in OWA. The email in Outlook (2007) shows the size to be with attachments.

This is a two part solution:

1.    Review KB article #954684 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/954684
a.    Follow the instructions in KB #954684 for Exchange Server 2010
i.    Stop the Exchange Transport service.
ii.    Locate the EdgeTransport.exe.config file. This file is located in the following path - :\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin\
iii.    In the EdgeTransport.exe.config file, add the following entry between the element and the element:
iv.    Restart the Transport service.

With this fix, the attachments will show in Outlook 2007 once you open the email, however, the  paperclip notification of an attachment still does not appear.

In the header of the bad/or paperclip missing email there is a Content-Type: multipart/related, and in a good email with the paperclip showing the Content-Type: multipart/mixed.

2.    To fix this, create a Transport Rule to change the content-type.
a.    Launch Exchange Management Console
b.    Expand Organization Configuration, and select Hub Transport
c.    On the right-hand Action Pane, select New Transport Rule …
d.    Give the rule a name (Ex:- Show Paperclip)
e.    Select “when the message header matches text patterns”, click the highlighted “message header”, Type “Content-Type” click OK, and then click the highlighted “text patterns”, Type “multipart/related” click Add, click OK, and then click Next
f.    Select “set header with value,” click the highlighted “header” text, type “Content-Type”, click OK, click the highlighted “value” text, type “multipart/mixed”, click OK, and then click Next
g.    On the “Exceptions” page, simply click next
h.    At the final “Create Rule” page, click New, and then click Finish
3.    Restart the transport service




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