Going to Prolaw 12? Some considerations

Friday, March 16th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

There are some non-standard considerations to review prior to upgrading or installing!  According to support, there are some potentially undocumented settings that must be in place.  There could be future items added to this list:

1 – You must disable UAC (User Account Control) on the local workstations

While Prolaw will function at its basic level, you will need to disable it for a majority of the functions to work (report editing, statement generation, etc).  Prolaw is working with Microsoft to resolve some of these issues, but at this time there are no dates.

2 – Use ProlawLocal.exe instead of Prolaw.exe

In version 11, ProlawLocal.exe would be used if there were network issues or speed issues with the normal Prolaw.exe.  In version 12, ProlawLocal is a much more stable executable, and should be launched and used first.

3 – The user must be a member of the Power Users local group

At a minimum, the domain user must be a member of the Power Users group on the local machine.  If this does not work, then the users will need to be local administrators.


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