Ebills having strange formatting issues in ProLaw?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

Recently a client opened a support ticket due to an issue with their ebill statement formats.  Spaces were being “removed” from the final bill.  The reference field for the infomation showed a space between words, but the corresponding txt file that generated showed none!  The ebill files were rejected as a result of the missing space.

The resolution was as strange as it was simple!

The ebill formats will have sections, such as “| client | matter | fee ammount |” etc., and in the ProLaw paragraph format window, you will have the fields corresponding to each item.  In the statement format design view, add a return after each delimiter such as “|” so each code is on its own line.  When ProLaw formats the bill, the returns will be removed and the bill will be formated correctly.

The reason behind the issue: certain lines end at some hardcoded limit in the ProLaw paragraph line limit where there happens to be a space in the resultant code.  Thus, an extra space was being removed.  Adding the return betwen each “column” in the statement format coding for each paragraph resolved the issue.


Example of potentially incorrect code:

| clientmatterID | fee_units | fee ammount | etc


Example of corrected code (same result):

| clientmatterID |

fee_units |

fee ammount |


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