Customizing the Header for Prolaw v12 Statements

Friday, March 30th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

This guide assumes you are using Prolaw v12 (with version 12 statement formats), SSRS 2008, and Visual Studio 2008.


Many firms want to customize the headers of their statement.  On the first page they want firm address information and a logo, and on subsequent pages simply the statement number and page number in case the sheets get separated.  In Prolaw version 12, this is done in a different fashion than previous versions.


1 – Since you are not able to edit the default statement formats, we need to first make a copy of the default “Detail” report. 

-          Open a random matter in Prolaw

-          Click Tools à Lists à Statement/Prebill Formats

-          Open the format group, normally this will be “standard” unless changed

-          Under the Statement Body, click the pulldown, then “Click here to manage this list”

-          You are now looking at the list of formats.  Select the “Detail” format, right-click and select copy, and give it a name:



2 – Navigate to the SSRS Reports website as installed either by your IT staff or Prolaw Support.  An example would be: http://[your server name]/Reports_PROLAW/


3 – Navigate to the Statement Directory:  Prolaw > Reports > Statements > Main


4 – Locate the Report you created earlier, in this case “Detail Test”, click the pull-down arrow towards the right of the name, and select “Edit in Report Builder”



5 – To add a logo, first you need to add the logo image to the report, right click the Images folder, and select “add image” and then navigate to your image file:



6 – Now we add the logo to the report. Drag the logo you just added to the header, and click OK



7 – Right click the image, then select properties.  We want to change its visibility to “=IIF(Globals!PageNumber = 1, false, true)” as follows.  This will set the format so that this logo will only show on the first page:



8 – Now we might be done here, but if we wanted to add the statement and page numbers to reports on pages 2 and higher in the same spot, we start with creating a text box.

To Create Statement Number:

Right click within the text box, select “Create Placeholder” and enter the following expression: “= “Statement No: ” + CSTR(Sum(Fields!StmnNo.Value, “StmnSummary”))” as follows:



To create Page Number:

On the next line of the box, right click within the text box again, select “Create Placeholder” and enter the following expression: “= “Statement No: ” + CSTR(Sum(Fields!StmnNo.Value, “StmnSummary”))” as follows: “=”Page ” + Globals!PageNumber.ToString() + ” of ” + Globals!TotalPages.ToString()” as follows:



9 – Now we have to set the visibility similar to the logo, except changing the true and false values to the opposite, so it shows on every page except the first:



10 – Now if you drag the text box over the same spot as the logo, both pieces of info will show in the same spot with the logo on the first page, and the statement/page number on all subsequent pages.


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