Autonomy IDOL Indexer does not index zipped file names by default

Thursday, December 15th, 2011 | iManage/ FileSite, Technical | Mike Smith

If you file a zipped archive, the name of the zip file as well as the zipped file’s contents are indexed.  However, if you search for the file name of a file that is in that zip, it will not return any results.  This is by default, and needs a slight adjustment on the IDOL index server.


Zip File Name:

Zipped File Name:  avacado.txt

Text File Contents: Guacamole

If conducting a full text search of “testzip” or “guacamole” you will return this file, however “avacado” will bring up no results.

To resolve:

Open the content engine CFG file.

Locate the “ProperlyFieldCSVs=” line, and add “*/DREORIGINALNAME”

The whole line will now read: “PropertyFieldCSVs=*/DRECONTENT,*/BODY,*/DREORIGINALNAME”

Repeat for all Content and Active Content Engines.

Restart IDOL services and confirm with a test file.

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