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Creating Default Report/Statement headers and footers in ProLaw 12

Monday, April 30th, 2012

ProLaw 12 does not include any header or footer information on any of the reports or statements by default.  This can be confusing when printing reports or statementsas they are often lengthy and easy to misplace pages.  If you print multiple reports, as most people will before going to the printer, its difficult to tell where one ends and where one begins.  Luckily, ProLaw has made it simple to apply a default header and footer.  This also helps if the firm letterhead changes for statements, you will only need to edit it in one place and then apply to all the statements.

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FileSite: Emails that have no header information from import

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

If you are migrating to, or have imported emails into FileSite, you may not have the header information imported from the email.  This can include the To, From, Sent Time, and Received Time.  Luckily, Autonomy has a utility to open the emails and import the header information, but it requires a decent amount of setup and testing prior to running.  You will need full access to SQL and the WorkSite server for this task.  You will also have to download and install the Resource Kit from Autonomy (available from their support site with login).

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