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Linking folders in Outlook with FileSite using Email Management

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

 You have the ability to link folders within Outlook to FileSite filing folders if you have the Email Management Module purchased and installed.   This means that if you have a folder in your mailbox, and you move a message from your inbox to that folder, it can be setup to auto profile everything moved there to a specific filing folder in a WorkSpace.  This means you have the ability to link a single folder within your mailbox to a single filing folder in a WorkSpace.  Since we are talking about emails, it should be said that when we link a folder, it should ALWAYS be linked to the Email folder for the respective matter.  Since the folder can only be linked to one folder in FileSite, the only emails in your Outlook folder should pertain to that matter.  This can be setup on new folders, or existing folders. 

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