Error or hang when opening documents from a Document search in ProLaw’s Events module

Friday, November 16th, 2012 | Microsoft Office 2010, ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

If you are running ProLaw 11.x and Office 2010, you may occasionally experience this bug.  There may be an error in ProLaw along the lines of “unable to accept the drop” in the Events window.  This only happens with documents from the Events window, they work correctly when opened from the events tab in Matters.

This issue is a known bug with Office 2010 and ProLaw 11.x and does not appear when using Office 2007.

To work around this issue, when conducting a document search, do not double click the left most “select” column to open the document, use any other column or the “open” button at the top.  This column calls different behavior that causes the issue.

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