Enable Extended Logging in ProLaw XII for troubleshooting

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management, Technical | Mike Smith

If you are about to open a support ticket or are having issues with ProLaw XII it’s possible to enable extended logging to help troubleshoot the issue.  In order to make this useful, you would need to turn on logging, then attempt to reproduce the error.

To Turn on logging:

1 – Close any existing ProLaw and Office applications
2 – Navigate to the ProLaw application directory on the ProLaw server, and locate the “ProlawSettings.xml”
3 – Copy the file to your local ProLaw application directory, an example on Windows 7 is: “C:\users\[user name]\AppData\ProlawLocal”
4 – Open ProLaw and continue working or attempt to recreate the error
Now when you start ProLaw you will create logs for each portion of the application (including the office addins!) while you are working.  The logs will be stored in your local ProlawLocal directory as noted above.  For Windows 7 that location is: “C:\users\[user name]\AppData\ProlawLocal”

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