Default Time Entry Narratives When Using Send and Save Function in Outlook.

Monday, December 30th, 2013 | Microsoft Office 2010, ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

When using ProLaw XII with the Outlook add-ins installed, you have the option to  add time entries to various functions in Outlook.  This can be done while profiling a document to Prolaw.  Once you enter the matter information, the time entry button is enabled.  Depending on your configuration and version, occasionally the time entry narrative will pre-populate with the notes from the document you are trying to profile.  This can be information such as email addresses or file names, and is not always wanted.

There is a way to disable this that is not listed on either the KB site or in the admin guide, and it goes as follows:

-1. Open the “Today’s Time” window from the dashboard

-2. Start a new time entry

-3. Right-click into the narrative and select preferences

-4. Change the Time Entry Narratives default from Event note to blank:


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