Creating Default Report/Statement headers and footers in ProLaw 12

Monday, April 30th, 2012 | ProLaw Case Management | Mike Smith

ProLaw 12 does not include any header or footer information on any of the reports or statements by default.  This can be confusing when printing reports or statementsas they are often lengthy and easy to misplace pages.  If you print multiple reports, as most people will before going to the printer, its difficult to tell where one ends and where one begins.  Luckily, ProLaw has made it simple to apply a default header and footer.  This also helps if the firm letterhead changes for statements, you will only need to edit it in one place and then apply to all the statements.


This guide assumes you have administrative access to ProLaw and the SSRS reports server.


This guide will create a report header, not a statement header, but the process is the same.


1 – Open report setup

From the dashboard, go to Tools -> Setup -> Report Setup, then navigate to the Report Defaults tab.


2 – Creating the Header / Footer

Tick the box for “Apply Header/Footer Templates” then click the  “Edit Reports Template” button.  You could also chose the statements one if that’s what your firm requires.


3 – Editing the Header / Footer

You should now be looking at the SSRS template for just the header and footer.  You can now adjust the items to fit your firm, or leave as default.


4 – Applying the Header / Footer to the Reports

Now that we have the header/footer that we want, we need to apply it to the specific reports.  Even if we did not make any changes, and simply viewed the default, we still need to apply it to the reports. Close the report builder, and you should be back at the reports setup screen.

1: tick box to apply header/footer

2: select reports that should get the header/footer.  There is a select all or deselect all at the bottom.

3: click the “apply” button to insert it into the selected reports



If you change the header/footer after you have applied it, you will need to reapply it to each report.

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