Appassure Replication & Network Saturation

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 | Backup and Restore Solutions | David Schomburg

Anyone that has any experience with the Appassure software knows there
is no way to control replication bandwidth between core servers. This will
cause severe problems with WAN connection saturation. We tried traffic
shaping the bandwidth with Juniper firewalls, this did have some success but we
eventually found that this was causing numerous disconnection of the replication
jobs between the core servers.

When I spoke with Appassure support, they indicated there are no plans to put any kind
of bandwidth control into the application and any control would have to be done
at the network router level.  Since we knew that was already a failure, we went to

 An application called Netlimitercan be loaded onto each server for
a license cost of $29.00 and you can have full control of how much network
bandwidth each service or process uses.

We configured the Netlimiter software on the source core to only use a set
amount of bandwidth on the Core Process. We no longer have any disconnects in
the replication jobs and the bandwidth is controlled very nicely.

 Software can be purchased directly from 

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